Hey, I'm Steffen

I spend my life in the software industry and as part of a previous role I had long-distance flights on at least a monthly basis. It was a typical business life with late dinners, unhealthy food and so on.

Back in 2012 I attended a leadership training course in California where coaching hours were included. This is where I got to know my first coach based in Vancouver, BC and experienced the power of good leadership coaching for the first time. I got more and more intersted in the topic, and consequently I took my first professional coaching course back in 2015 and a little later I’ve completed my education by qualifying as a High Performance Coach, CHPC.

A couple of years ago then I was diagnosed with type II Diabetes. Luckily using what I had learnt from my coaching training I was able to change my lifestyle altogether. It‘s a couple of years now that I succeeded in reversing the disease altogether enjoying a life without any insulin or diabetes tablets.

Actually today I’m enjoying an altogether different life: a lot more productive and creative. Also way more active, vibrant and fulfilling.

"It helped that I established positive habits like reading at least one book per week. Books and studies about leadership and personal development but also about nutrition and healthy living."

I’m noticing way too many other people suffering badly from this disease and am more than happy to help them. Let me close by saying that the diabetes diagnosis for me was not only a defining moment in life but changed my life in a very positive way.

This is why I believe that I can help others by sharing my experiences, and help them in leading a healthier life.

Let's beat diabetes together!

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